My Services

I offer a variety of affordable full service college admission packages for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Email or call to arrange for your     In Home Introductory Consultation.

As a skilled college admission consultant, my goal is to help students and families navigate through the often confusing college admission application process and provide students of all ages with the individual attention needed to take ownership and be successful with their college admission goals. In addition I can provide firsthand knowledge  of educational activities and competitions to help your student explore their educational interests.

My Goal

The college application process can be challenging, overwhelming, and at time very frustrating.  Most public school guidance counselors would like to assist each student individually with the college admission process. Unfortunately they have too many students to offer any sort of individual attention that is needed through this very important period of your student's education.

The Challenge

The Challenge



San Ramon College Consulting Inc is entering its last year of operations, with my current Class of 2021 student group being my last one. 

Due to the changing admission landscape caused by the COVID-19 crisis, I have decided to seek out opportunities to help local, in-state, and out-of-state colleges recruit students by working with admission offices and perhaps becoming a college application reader. This new career focus does not permit me to continue to advise students privately on college admissions.

I have been in business serving our local community of high school students since 2013, and every minute has been an honor to be part of all my students' college admission journeys.